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Fishgirl is Wild!

May 15, 2017

Confused about buying seafood? Not sure what choices are best for you and best for the planet? We can help! Fishgirl supports sustainably-harvested seafood, small family-owned co-ops, and wild fisheries. Our seafood is sourced from independent, fishermen-owned cooperatives in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon.

To date, fish farming, known as aquaculture, supplies more than half of all seafood sold globally. We don’t currently support fish farming, as it doesn’t meet our strict standards. Farm-raised seafood presents a number of ecological and health concerns. Farmed fish are typically raised in open net pens in existing waterways, damaging the surrounding ecosystem. Waste, uneaten food, antibiotics, heavy metals, and pesticides from fish farms are passed into the water, and diseases and parasites can be passed to wild fish nearby. Farmed fish often escape from their pens, threatening wild species. Feeding farmed fish also requires large quantities of smaller fish, removing these species from the food chain.

For these reasons, we recommend buying and eating wild fish. Buying wild seafood is the equivalent of shopping for organic produce at your local farmers market, or getting pasture-raised, grass-fed beef from a local farmer. Because no official organic certification process exits for seafood in the United States, wild-caught seafood is the best organic alternative. Buying and eating wild is a vote for responsible, sustainable, small-scale fishing families and methods, ensuring the availability of fish for future generations. For more information, check out the latest Frontline documentary The Fish on My Plate.