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Method Matters

February 23, 2017

Did you know the method used to catch your fish is a big deal when it comes to the quality and flavor of your seafood? We thought we’d share a bit about why method matters. Even if you’re not a fisherman, you’ve probably heard some chatter about "troll-caught" versus "net-caught" fish. Troll-caught fish are caught the "old-fashioned" way, with a hook and line in the water. They generally come from waters farther out and are further from the spawning phase of their life cycle than fish caught closer to the shore. Because they are getting such a great workout, these fish are generally high in fat content and usually have beautiful, shimmering, silver skin. They’re the healthiest and best tasting!

Fishgirl Seafood fish are troll-caught. They’re cleaned and bled on board, within 30 minutes of capture! Immediate cleaning is one of the critical steps in maintaining quality. Rather than keeping the fish in cold sea water, our fish are quickly put on ice, locking in that “just caught” freshness. This process requires handling fish one at time – now that’s tender loving care!

Net-caught fishing, on the other hand, was designed to capture very large quantities of fish in one pull. Net-caught fish are caught closer to shore and/or their river of birth, which means they are further along in their life cycle, and heading in for spawning. Spawning is the beginning of their end-of-life stage, which lowers their quality and texture dramatically. Because so many fish are caught at one time in a net, it's not possible for each fish to be bled on board immediately after catch. These fish are all pulled in the boat together, stored in sea water until they can be offloaded together, and then cleaned and bled at a processing plant together, anywhere from two to six days after they’re caught. That’s a lot of togetherness, which often creates bruising along the way. This bruising decreases the quality of their texture, color, and flavor.

We liken fresh, troll-caught fish to getting your produce from the local farmers market. Your produce is harvested by hand, with tender loving care, by a farmer in your community, likely within 24 hours of purchase. Compare their flavor to that of the produce at your local grocery store, which was harvested long before arriving in town (let alone the produce department). You can taste the difference! At Fishgirl Seafood, we strive to deliver troll/line-caught fish whenever possible. It’s quality that can’t be beat. Our goal is to consistently deliver the best of the best by partnering with small fishermen-owned co-ops who take pride in their work. It's the Fishgirl way!