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San Juan Island Sea Salt

June 19, 2017

Meet our man Brady Ryan, supplier of the best sea salt in the Northwest. We like his story, and his decision to live simply in a "tiny home.” Brady grew up on San Juan Island here in Northern Washington and returned after getting a math degree at the University of Washington in Seattle. His mineral-rich sea salt is one of several local ingredients used in our sauces and blends.

In keeping with our strict product quality standards, his salt is dried sustainably and harvested by hand. While most sea salt is made by boiling water (using lots of fuel and electricity), San Juan Island Sea Salt relies on the power of the sun to evaporate large ponds of filtered seawater inside greenhouses during the summer months. Brady believes sea salt should taste like the sea, and his salt contains a rainbow of trace minerals, broadening the flavor. We’re partial to his Madrona Smoked Salt, a quintessentially Northwest salt that’s cold-smoked using branches of the local madrona tree. For a more in-depth look at the salt-making process, see here!