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What We Mean When We Say "Fresher Than Fresh..."

March 13, 2017

Did you know the “fresh” seafood at your local grocery store could really be anywhere from 7-21 days old? Yikes, that doesn’t sound “fresh” to us! Perhaps you paid a little extra per pound when you saw ads for fresh and/or wild-caught fish. That’s great marketing, because it sounds fresher, healthier, and tastier. But how fresh is this “fresh” seafood, really? Maybe not as fresh as you think.

Here’s the scoop. Many commercial fishing trips are several days (or even a week) long, which means that by the time the boat returns to port, the fish have been out of the water for a few days. The fish are then packaged and processed, adding another day or two, and then delivered to various parts of the country, which can take up to a week. When the seafood arrives at its destination, say, at a nationally-recognized, organic food chain where it’s on sale for a week, the fish really isn’t fresh anymore. Under these circumstances, consumers are buying seafood they believe is “fresh,” because it’s never been frozen. In reality, that fish has been out of the water for two weeks or more! Are you really willing to pay more for fish that old?

At Fishgirl, we do seafood a little differently. We liken our seafood to farm-to-table produce. Consider what you buy from Fishgirl “ocean to table.” Our fish are caught on small, locally owned and operated boats. The small fisherman co-ops we partner with catch fish one at a time. The fish are dressed and bled on the boat, and immediately put on ice. They’re frozen at -40 degrees within 1-3 days, locking in freshness by stopping any further degradation. At this point, the fish are ready for delivery to your doorstep, as if the fisherman had just come in from a day on the water and handed you his or her catch of the day! This is what we mean when we say “fresher than fresh.” Seafood this fresh represents the best in taste and quality, and is one of the most excellent superfoods you can buy!