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(Oncorhynchus kisutch)

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(3) 16 oz. pouches (equals approximately (12) 4 oz. servings

Wild troll-caught Alaskan coho salmon is mild in flavor and the perfect texture for these 1 lb. portions of PURE meat. Boneless and skinless, you can trade in that traditional beef burger for a healthier naturally red salmon burger. This is beautiful clean and superior meat which has been carefully removed from the backbone once the fish has been filleted and should not be confused with the process of grinding meats. We use this for our "go to", "on the fly" meals as you can quickly pull from the freezer and thaw.  Simply sauté veggies and add a bed of rice, pasta or couscous. The flavor profiles are endless! Try Thai curry and coconut milk, Italian seasonings or an Asian flair if you prefer. Like a cooking adventure? Great in homemade ravioli or cannelloni filling, amazing in spreads, where you get to choose the organic and healthy ingredients to accompany. Universally, kids and adults always seem to be game for the meat balls. We like to sauté, locking in moisture and tenderness. Extra time? Plan a few meals ahead and re-freeze your extra uncooked and pre-seasoned meatballs or patties. When ready to use, no thawing necessary. Sauté frozen a few minutes on each side. Makes a great gift for the busy ones in your life.


Comes flash-frozen at -40 degrees in convenient, 1 lb. vacuum pack pouches. 


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