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Fishgirl Stainless Skewers, Set of 6

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Here's just one "gotta have" kitchen tool of the trade! Not just for the grilling enthusiast! If you or someone you know uses skewers for grilling or oven roasting kabobs, these are for all! Custom designed by Frank after trying many, every price and every style. Your friends will borrow until you break down and give them a set. Why this is a big deal? Food grade stainlesss steel, easy to scrub, dishwasher/oven/grill safe, and designed to elimate the spins and loss of food. Easy all in one piece grip for the left or right handed chef. 

Set of 6

Overall length 15"  .120 Thick   .25" Wide

Proudly handcrafted in the USA by Fishgirl Friends

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