SHIP DATE: Aug. 28th
SE Alaskan Troll Caught King Salmon           
Washington Coast Sashimi-Grade Albacore  Tinned White Albacore Loin 6 oz.
Washington Coast Sashimi-Grade Albacore Loins
SE Alaskan Troll Coho Burger Meat
UPCOMING FEATURED PRODUCTS:                                                
Sept. 25th, 2018     TAKU INLET SOCKEYE                                               
Oct. 23rd, 2018    JUNEAU SPOT PRAWNS
Our Catch of the Month is our most popular box item! We do the work on selection and fill your box with the best! We keep with more universally-eaten species and no crustaceans for the allergy prone.
Occasionally, you may receive something you've never tried, we think you'll love and we always provide guidance.
Though rarely necessary, we  reserve the right to make Catch of the Month substitutions, due to fluctuating market cost and availability. Our commitment to the quality of the fish you receive, will never be compromised.