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PNW Local Reserve Ventresca (1) (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)


(1) Can  3.75 oz. (106g) each

Featuring three Fishgirl partners:

     Our solid Local Reserve Ventresca caught by pioneer fisherman-Paul Hill    

     Dundee Oregon's own Durant Olive Mill Arbequina EVOO 

     San Juan Island Sea Salt Co.'s Solar Evaporated Madrona Sea Salt

❤︎  Sashimi-grade cooked once in its own natural juices.                                       

❤︎  Tender buttery Albacore belly carefully hand packed into the can.

❤︎  Wild sustainably sourced from pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest.                                                                                                                                                      Ventresca is considered the"foie gras & caviar of tuna". A delicacy that is buttery and rich! Fishgirl says, "it is the best tinned fish ever". We take the richest part of the Albacore tuna, the belly strip, which you find in sushi bars as toro, and hand pack it in Durant Olive Mill Arbequina EVOO and add just a dash of San Juan Island Sea Salt Co.'s Solar Evaporated Madrona Sea Salt!

Serve with your favorite beverage. Pop the top and eat from the can. Beautiful on a salad or simple over handmade pasta. One gift always appreciated.                                                                                                                                              INGREDIENTS:  Albacore Tuna (belly cut) Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt

Low Sodium, Refrigerate after opening. Exclusively hand packed for Fishgirl Seafood.   


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