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PRE ORDER PNW Premium White Albacore Tuna + SS (3 tins) (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)


(3) Tins 6 oz. (170g) each

Cooked in it's own juices with just a hint of:

     San Juan Island Sea Salt Co.'s Solar Evaporated Madrona Sea Salt

Our tuna caught by pioneer fisherman-Paul Hill.

❤︎  Sashimi-grade cooked once in its own natural juices.                                         

❤︎  Wild fillets carefully hand packed into the can.                                                     

❤︎  Wild sustainably sourced from pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest.               

It's no surprise that this is a Fishgirl staple. We've spent years looking for the best Albacore tuna the Pacific Northwest has to offer and this is it! 

Did you know that canned Albacore tuna is the 3nd most consumed seafood product in the USA behind shrimp & salmon? If everyone had a chance to taste ours, it would be No.1. 

INGREDIENTS: Solid White Albacore Tun, Sea Salt.

Exclusively hand packed for Fishgirl Seafood. Low sodium, refrigerate after opening. 


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