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Simply Superfood

The only producer of high-luxury tinned seafood in North America. Selectively sourced with fisher partners at the origin. 

trusted partners

All of our seafood is sourced from independent fishermen owned cooperatives we partner with in Alaska and the greater Northwest. These hard working families go above and beyond to bring to us the best of the best! 


With nearly 30 years of experience, we know seafood. We have found that our friends ask us for the seafood goodness we serve them. They want access to what they eat at our table, the "how to's" for preparation and recipes for what we put on it! Now we're sharing with you, premium-quality and fresher right to your door. We think you are going to love how simply we make fish and how tasty our blends and sauces are. Your friends and family will be asking for more!

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She shares our DNA for everything water.  

So What Is The Fishgirl Way?