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I caught my first fish at age 3. I love fishing in the ocean or on a local bank, especially with my hand-made flies.

Whether it's for just a few hours or a long road trip, I love the chance to go crabbing or shrimping and the seafood feasts of cooking together that follow.

favorite fish: Black Cod with lots of my dad's "Frank's Sesame Ginger" sauce and an iced green tea


EAT SEAFOOD - You’ll be stronger physically. Popeye ate spinach, and I think fresh seafood tastes so much better!  

GO OUTDOORS - Get close to water if you can, and you’ll be stronger mentally, being close to nature is the best!

BE CHARITABLE - I sell my flies and beach inspired jewelry giving a portion of what I earn to various water related charities. Every dollar counts!

JOIN THE FORCE - Be a part of the FISHGIRL community, help to protect this most amazing resource we have for our food and recreation. I want to always take care of our oceans and my hope is that you’ll be inspired to do the same!

Be a FISHGIRL AMBASSADOR  and you can too, can be POWERED BY FISH!


Eating seafood helps me do great things, I’m smart, healthy and I can do anything I set my mind to. I don’t know all the science behind Omega 3s but I know they’re a good thing! Great for the brain and the heart and now there are studies out about your eyes too and preventing macular degeneration. Seafood just happens to be a key ingredient in my favorite meals!

I like the idea of a Sea-Foodie fan club - we can share ideas on cooking, seafood recipes and maybe first fish photos.