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Why Fishgirl is Fresher


What does FRESHER mean? You probably know where to get some "fresh fish." What you may not know is how long that "fresh fish" has been out of the water. Over a period of several days, hundreds of large and small boats catch fish in nets, and offload them into large tenders weighing up to 150,000 pounds. The fish are tossed around and mixed together before they’re offloaded onto the dock, where the processing facility finally gets around to gutting, bleeding, and boxing them. When blood is given the chance to coagulate, a fishy odor and taste result. This is how fish typically become softened and bruised. 

Our fish are caught on small, locally owned and operated boats. The small fisherman co-ops we partner with catch fish one at a time. The fish are dressed and bled on the boat, and immediately put on ice. They’re frozen at -40 degrees within 1-3 days, locking in freshness by stopping any further degradation. 

We call that FRESHER.