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Like to know what's in this month's selection? Check out this month's catch by clicking the blue bar at the top of the page! Our best of the season, random weight assortment contains approximately 3.75-4.25 lbs. of 12 oz. random wt. flash-frozen seafood portions. Most species are approximately 12 oz. portions, though some are split, such as albacore tuna loins and petrale sole. For a catch of the month, you would at minimum receive two 8 ounce portions of when portion sizes are smaller than one pound. One portion can serve 2 people. That's about 10-12 total servings per box, with a portion size of 6 ounces.  

We ship seafood orders the 4th Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted below *, holidays or conditions out of our control, such as weather, in which we notify you. Non-seafood orders go out weekly. Count on one to three days following your ship day depending on your location. Upcoming ship days include October 24th,  November 28th, December 19th, January 23rd. Shipping and handling costs are calculated from our discounted carrier rates plus any additional taxes which apply to your location, they can be previewed at your cart, prior to completing your purchase. Local pickup? Input code: GHHUB, receive a $10 discount on a minimum 5 lb. seafood boxes and subscriptions each month! Always check for HOLIDAY SPECIALS BELOW!

FACT: The national average restaurant entree' seafood portion size is 5-6 ounces. 

FACT: The national average price of a seafood entree' at a great restaurant is $30.00.  That would be $390 for the same 5 lb. box.

FACT: The combined average of the 9 most popular U.S. meal delivery box companies is $245 per month.