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Frank & Claudia



He catches his first fish and he’s hooked. 

Saltwater and all it has to offer is in his DNA.  During college summers he chased his dream to fish in Alaska - no glamour, no Deadliest Catch filming - just an amazingly beautiful place with pristine waters and a survival suit to keep warm.

Later he settled in the South Puget Sound area, selling seafood internationally. He has worked nearly 30 years in  the industry and runs his own wholesale seafood company, 1 OCEAN SEAFOOD.

favorite fish:  Alaskan Halibut Beer Battered Fish & Chips with a Gig Harbor 7 Seas Life Jacket IPA

Somewhere in the middle here - he meets his match.  Claudia, and go figure, she has the same love for water. 

Around this time, she was finishing the all women's legendary Na Wahine O Ke KaiMolokai to Oahu outrigger race which caught Frank's attention. She gets the true meaning of team!

Together they enjoy everything surrounding water. Claudia is a co-creator of sauces, spice blends and side dishes to accompany.  With years of experience in international retail design, she's proud to be the CEO of Fishgirl Seafood.

favorite fish:  loyal to Columbia River King and a glass of Oregon Wilamette Valley Pinot Noir

So what is the FishGirl Way?

We love great seafood.  Our company celebrates how we live. We’re proof that having access to the best quality seafood, easily prepared, will make you want to crave it 2-3 times a week.

It’s simply good and good for you!  It's sustainable, a superfood, and empowering to simply prepare.  

We’re not about following long recipes with lots of ingredients.  No time for that! Take a look at "What's for Dinner?" to find helpful meal tips! We’d like cooking seafood to become as second nature as boiling pasta. Check out our “powered by fish” videos which we’ll continue to build on over time.