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All of our Fishgirl Seafood community personal information is kept securely and your information is kept private. It's just this simple - we don't like it when ours gets shared and we won't share yours. We use Shopify as our e-commerce platform because they are certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. All transactions are SSL/HTTPS encrypted with the latest standards.


It’s simple – if you’re unhappy with our product we’ll refund you for your current purchase and any future orders you’ve placed and paid for. 


As an e-commerce business, you should expect that almost all of our communication with you will be through emails. However, in the near future, we will give you the option to receive texts regarding shipping and delivery confirmation. Stay tuned! You will be asked for your phone number if that’s your preference. If you need to be contacted via phone for any reason, we’re happy to accommodate, just let us know! We will notify that your order has been received, two to three days before we are shipping just to give you a reminder, and then send you an email confirming your package has left us. At that time you will receive a tracking number, but know that we are tracking your package until we get word that it has arrived safely to your door. If we need to delay a shipment due to extreme eat, cold or other circumstances, we'll certainly let you know.


Once your order is placed, you’ll receive an automated response confirming our receipt. Orders are shipped on Tuesdays. Expect a 1-3 day trek from us to you. You may see additional delivery days included to meet holidays and special offers. 


We like to think we won’t have any of these, but if you happen to be the recipient of anything like this, please contact us, we’ll take care of you!


You can cancel your order commitment at ay time. We'll miss you, and hope you'll be back! No fear, we'll refund you the remainder of future deliveries. We are always grateful for anyone who gives us a try!


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